A destination to experience
satoyama culture with sake at its core

KIPPOH BAIAN is a lovingly restored 100-year-old house.
From the rich natural environment of the Yoshimine area, we are committed to the promotion of satoyama* culture with a particular focus on Japanese sake.

*satoyama: Rural spaces where nature and people have traditionally coexisted through sustainable management of rice fields, rivers, mountains, forests, and meadows.


We’re currently planning a variety of workshops and events. Stay tuned for more information!

About Our Building

KIPPOH BAIAN is a restored 100-year-old house located in the nature-rich area of Yoshimine in Fukui Prefecture. We can’t wait to share our satoyama culture with visitors. Various events and activities are being planned, including a workshop to experience making mini sugi-dama*.

*sugi-dama: A cedar ball, made from green cedar branches and hung from the eaves of a sake brewery to indicate that freshly pressed sake has been produced.


21-2 Yoshimine, Eiheiji-cho,
Yoshida-gun, Fukui 910-1304, Japan

[By Car]
From Fukui City
---About 10 minutes from Kamishihi Interchange on the Chubu Jukan Expressway
From Katsuyama City
---About 15 minutes from Katsuyama Interchange on the Chubu Jukan Expressway

[From the Tokyo Area]
By Air
--- About 80 minutes by rental car from Komatsu Airport
---Take the Hokuriku Shinkansen via Kanazawa Station to Fukui Station, then drive about 40 minutes by rental car

[From the Osaka Area]
By JR Train
---Take a train to Fukui Station, then drive about 40 minutes by rental car